Farewell Parties

Posted by Gen Omapas , Thursday, September 3, 2009 Thursday, September 03, 2009

If leaning in the window could open a thousand answers to this eyes beaming with questions, then let everything shall be open. Then I will fix my gaze to the fleeting moment when I can catch a lonesome cloud finding its way to kiss the rugged hills waiting. How a single second could I hear goodbyes and welcomes in the chirpings of the birds as they make their flights of escapes in the midday sun.

Looking up there in the greeny foliage, I am dreaming of Wendy and Peter Pan. I am wishing of dews and rain drops dripping in my head. I am dreaming of infinity, as if everything melt in my skin as we chase the wings of time. In the mountains, there is no mirage but vivid image of carousels and fairyland and our neverending stories and laughters under the shade of that old Mahogany tree. The bark that we used to carve our names, the tree as our walls and towers of our dreams.

When the sun hides his face in the hammock, let our fingers meet in space as we draw castles and ships in thin airs. Let our thoughts build oceans and ceaseless horizons and let us leap together in lighthouses or in the cliff where the birds fly with us.

And as we said our last goodbyes, let us borrow this painted canvas from storybooks and tales from our childhood yearnings. Please play our symphonies before I fall asleep in the window where you used to greet me at nights.

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