Selfless love in the heart of Ploning

Posted by Gen Omapas , Sunday, July 12, 2009 Sunday, July 12, 2009

I arrived 30 minutes late at the SM cinema together with my cousin to watch Ploning movie initiated by the DepEd and the cause from the Paglaum Group spearheaded by "Francis" which name I got from one of the yellow green wearing usherettes. A film showing intended to heightened public high school students' awareness not only to showcase our vast Filipino culture but to emulate the values Ploning has. I came from a public high school and I am used to this kind of scenario where getting myself bumped and huddled among the densely crowded youngsters. I am already loosing my air as I was making out to find a queue closer to a cinema to be vacated by the earlier moviegoers. I know this movie was shown last year and I wasn't able to see it and was happy I got free pass from my cousin. We managed to ditch to the rear end of the left side portion of the orchestra and hoping to immortalize the movie while mussy fussy kids are on my sides.

At the start of the movie, an emotional song will usher you to scenic and melancholic spot of Cuyo Island in Palawan set in the 1980s. The story starts with a meek and disturbed Digo searching for Ploning. Series of fascinating stories came as a flashback of Digo stitching back his lost memory of the town and the woman he had tendered with affection.

Ploning played by Judy Ann Santos is a 30 year old kind and loving spinster. She became the important person in the lives of Alma (Meryll Soriano) whose only sole companion is an old radio while consoling her wearisome as she tried to wait for his husband. Nieves (Ces Quesada) a loving wife of Toting whose lack of charm yet with profound heart has made their marrige incorruptible after long years and with son Siloy whose heartbreak had made him divert his attention to his dreams. Celeste (Mylene Dizon) a visiting nurse of the town and became the nurse of Susing, Ploning's father. Celeste at first could not fathom the meekness of Ploning but later understand after unraveling what lies behind the silence and beautiful face of a woman who is still in love and waiting for the coming of her beau Tomas who left her when she was still 16 years old. Love and hope is the essence of the story that stems from the heart of Ploning.

And my emotions for the unadulterated and coy personality of a 7 year old lychee lover Digo (Cedric Amit) who showed motherly love for Ploning as much as his bed ridden mother Juaning (Eugene Domingo). Out of the blue when Digo fed his mother with porridge, he blurted out candid and fortright questions asking her when will she die. Digo and Susing are good companions, one day the old man told Digo not to fear death as it is the way to meet the Lord and be happy in the place of Heaven especially those who are good in nature. Having these words said from a serious old man, Digo remembered it so well and one time he ask Ploning "If death is to enter the Heaven why all they cry and mourn on the solace of death?" It was raining when all the events morphed into a whip to the heart. Intang's salt making business later melted with the sea and judging the existence of God when she could no longer have the chance to bring back even the remains of her son Tomas. Digo's mother died maybe because of missed out meal that was not served immediately because of the rain. Ploning's absence during the town fiesta had foster Digo to depart through the rough waters to follow Ploning in Manila.

Shot in an unexploited beach, Filipino old style houses and its effort to push the the Cuyunun dialect to the public that makes this a must seen movie to those who still don't see it. Although the subtitles sometimes disrupts my viewing experience it was able to relay message to the public. I like the cinematography very scenic and rustic as it is centered around the rural and the cultures of Cuyo, the fiestas, the vigil and the pamanhikan or Esposada, "bayle" and bayanihan spirit. One thing, the song of Ploning is sad and filled with emotions in every line is the persistence of a woman to wait despite the odds tells her that the love for 14 years will not come back. My two thumbs up to Dante Nico Garcia and the stars of Ploning.

Ploning, nga labing maleban
Ang guegma mo Ploning
Nga ing kandaduan
Lisensia ko Ploning
Kung sarang tugutan
Mapamasyar ako
Sa marayeng lugar

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