Posted by Gen Omapas , Sunday, May 8, 2011 Sunday, May 08, 2011

its in these days, when you're bare
and the walls deafen by your sighs
that beneath the exteriors
you put each and everyday
sorely lies a void:

of a missing person,
of a feeling
harbor a place you once knew
but all youve got are mists of memories
like film strips and nostalgias.
parading vividly
the images -
you wish to blow them out in
your membrane. to disown
and bury them to the
graves of furgetfullnes.

they too have minds of their own.
they can be as circus clowns
to mock and tease you..
at a time you least expect
them to appear.

you close your eyes
and surrender. you allow
everything to flow:
the hues, the prints,
the warmth of summer's kiss
of the shirt worn, the scent and dusts
the texture. weather and taxi tunes
it piles up in your brain
like flashing cards, like lightning

everything leaves
an imprint. like a tatto that
stubbornly stays in your

is waking you at daybreak.
feeding at noontime,
and slept in bed.
you see him lie
in between those nights
invisibly molded
into shadows of his shoulder,
of his limbs. to dig your nails
on his flesh, the searing pain
that even in dreams
you dare not touch him.

the hair lacks luster.
the eyes have grown tired of waiting..
of neverending confrontations
of the person staring back at the mirror
the epiphanies washes once again..
she closes her eyes
for the 97th day at 12am..

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KM Says:

wow... this is really nice, Gen. I hope that your blog will continue to vibrate every reader, blesses them through your words of encouragements.

The best blog ever. No JOKE... I mean it..


Anonymous Says:

weehhhh.. i never thought of that my friend nudge.. all iwant is to satisfy my passion and i intend not to pleaase others through my writings. but since u do appreciate my work . i will continue to hone it and yield inspiration not with myself but others as well. thanks for dropping by


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