Memoirs of My Old For-Goth-ten Poetry

Posted by Gen Omapas , Saturday, May 22, 2010 Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nakahinumdum lang ko sa miaging tuig diin nagsugod akong pagkamahiligun sa pagmugna ug balak mao ako kining ipatik ug balik dire sa akong bag-ong blog. Nalingaw lang ko'g balik og basa, mga kan-hiay nga mga pagbati nga naglimin sa mga pulong ug linya.

Sugdan sa nako sa pagpatik kining balak nakong English:


In the evening
when souls hidden
in the catacombs
upon the snores and nightmares
of the squeaking furred passengers
jammed in the traffic of Silence Street.

In the musty alley
hymns of littered libidos
of menaced dogs and bitches
spelled thirsts to parched lips
and of the barren
that speaks of freedom
fluffed in the putrid mouths
and in the snarls
of one fanged beasts
and bloodshot eyes
of Bewildered Republic.

And in the darkness
this limb and spine of mine
lurch in the creaking old bed
crawling beneath the cobwebs
of yellowish linen
hiding behind
the shadows dangling
in the ceiling
from the grips and gutters
drowning in the mist
and this ached and withered body
longs for a plummet
in the abyss
of Atlantis
in the pits of numbness
from one sided

Ania pay daghan palihug lang ko ug pislit aning link
Mga Karaang Balak sa Ballooney Babbles

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